Tuğçe Tuna

mover, body reader, choreographer, interdisciplinary performance and contemporary dance artist and one of the pioneer academician based in Istanbul. Tuna produces her own work with “RemDans” since 2001.

Tuna prefers different representational forms required by the enactment of her projects, such as the outdoor space use, research disciplines, and prefers to stay open to all types of ‘body, idea, space’ perspectives while ‘considering the body as the space in which one lives and practices her own politics.’ “Searching the relationship of body between brain and gravity.”

She has been working in many capacities and many contexts both in Turkey and internationally since 1993 including numerous international festivals, organizations. Also teaching Europe, in Istanbul, she has been teaching at MSFAU Performing Arts Department since 1996 as an Associate Professor, and as guest faculty member of SEAD‐Salzburg since 2002.

In 2012, Tuna was in Germany as DAAD scholars. Tuğce Tuna is, founder and director of ‘Istanbul Performing Arts Association’. Born in Belgium, lives in Istanbul.


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