Paola Tognazzi

studied industrial design at the IED in Milan and Cunningham, Ballet, Flying Low by David Zambrano and Body Mind Centering at the School of arts SNDO in Amsterdam. In 2001 she graduated majoring in Dance Theatre Direction within interactive audio-visual installations. She worked as assistant of Sasha Waltz in Nobody, with Min Tanaka in Japan, with Nir of Volff – Total Brutal in Berlin and as executive producer of interactive operas at Studio Azzurro, Milan. In 2008 she founded Wearable_Dynamics. Her work explores the sensuality of interactive systems and create artistic experiences that involve physically and emotionally the audience, encouraging them the development of sensory awareness. Currently she is working at the University of technology and innovation of Eindhoven investigating how to apply physical dynamics interactions to 3D printed garments.


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