Theory Workshop I: Decentaralization in Art, Design and Production in the Context of New Technologies

08 Nov 14 / 14:00 / StudioX

Theory Workshop started in 2010 by Ata Ünal, Ayşe Draz ve Özlem Hemiş. Theory Workshop emphasizes the processes of asking questions, creating new ideas, questioning and discussing in a collective manner. It aims to reach and include every individual or group not only theoreticians; Theory Workshop aims to democratize the knowledge.

In the frame of amberFestival we will have two sessions with two related topics around “Decentralization”, the theme of the festival.

Moderators: Ata Ünal, Fatih Aydoğdu, Ekmel Ertan
Elaborators: Bager Akbay, Akın Şahin

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