Decol invites its fans to a meditative audio-visual performance based on traditional lace patterns. Decol approaceh to the geometrical patterns of the laces as the expressions of the women creates them. Decol tries to reconstract them with the aura of the audience and the atmosphere of the space with real-time light, sound and image.

The audience will have a flowing experience in the time and space as if they are creating an immaterial lace.

Bilgi University VCD
Experience Design:
Creative Direction:
Ahmet Said Kaplan
Production Management:
N. Cihan Çankaya
Installation Design:
M. Mert Uzbaşlı
Stage Production:
Ceyhun Enki Aksan
2d Animasyon:
Ozgur Deniz, Ceyhun Enki Aksan, Ismail Anil Güzeliş
3d Animasyon:
M. Mert Uzbaşlı, Gokhan S. Gezici, Özgür Deniz
Creative Coding:
Nihat Karataşlı, M. Mert Uzbaşlı
Music & Audio:
Hazal Döleneken
Light Setup:
DMX programming & control:
Nihat Karataşlı
Hazal Döleneken, Ahmet Said Kaplan, Gökhan S. Gezici, M. Mert Uzbaşlı


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