Dance with Different Bodies

Dance with Different Bodies is the first step of RemDans Performance Collective.

It is a piece that focuses on the intellectual, emotional and plastic variations of the body with the dancer who has different bodies. Asks the questions of what is an obstacle and who has obstacles.

The piece approaches the body with an honest perception and wants to move away from the general prejudgment. Beside that it researches the conditions that directs the body in different physical formations. Tuğçe Tuna leads Dance with Different Bodies Workshops and performances  since 2001.

Dance with Different Bodies also started bringing up a new generation of dancers with different bodies. Project inquires the problematics around disability and differentness and discrimination.

” When we meet first time we did not have children yet, it was the beginning of the new century. Some of the dancers who are still in the project made their debut on the stage at State Theatre’s Venus Stage at Taksim. Years passed… Venus Stage even is lost to gentrification projects. But our friendship and work continued…”

This is a close workshop.