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This research workshops in the frame of Metabody Project aims at investigating the impact of cultural differences on perceiving and utilizing interactive devices regarding to body and space, in three different contexts. The first will be practical-based workshops with people with disabilities, the second will be two collaborative research workshops with professional participants on perception and utilization of the space through the interaction and finally a third one will be the development of two interactive artistic performances.

Three groups of research workshops with the above mention contexts will be held with participation of local people and professionals.

The first group of workshops will be led by Robert Wechsler based on MetaBodyBox which is an interactive device that creates sound through bodily interaction. These workshops will be held in three separate sessions with participation of children with mental disabilities from 10 to 20 years old, people with bodily disabilities and autistics. All the participants are living in istanbul and coming from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

The second group of workshops will have two separate workshops, each will be led by academics and researchers with a background in architecture and dance. The first one is entitled “Cyristal Bodies” and will be led by Şafak Uysal and Mutlu Güngör, Ezgi Baştuğ and the second is entitled “Not an Obstacle” which led by  Nilüfer Kozikoğlu and Tuğçe Tuna. Jaime de Val and Nimish Biloria will act as advisers and observers in both workshops.

Young local professionals, mainly designers, architects and dancers will be invited to participate. In these workshops, workshop leaders will deepen into the interaction between body and space. They will investigate topics such as the inclusion of body-extensions as design elements/parameters, the affection of interaction within space, in local contexts with the participants.

The third group of workshops will focus on artistic use of interaction and interactive devices. Young local professionals from dance, design and visual arts will be invited as participants of the workshops. One of these workshops will be led by Robert Wechsler and Tuğçe Tuna in which they will develop a short performance piece with otherly-abled dancers. The second workshop in this group will be led by Paola Tognazzi; she will work with local dancers and visual artists to experiment interaction in performance with an output of a short performance.

Jaime  del Val will act as advisor and observer for all the workshops and research into effect of the cultural differences on general conception of interaction within different contexts.


Jaime de Val (performance artist, the coordinator of the Metabody project) and Nimish Biliora (architect, researcher and partner  in Metabody) will give lectures and participate to the workshops to exchange their experience and approach in the Metabody project as well as their personal background.

Jaime de Val
is a meta-media artist, philosopher, performer, director of Reverso Institute www.reverso.org and coordinator of the METABODY Project www.metabody.eu. He develops transdisciplinary projects in the convergence of arts, technologies, critical theory and activism, that have been presented all over Europe, North and South America. His projects propose redefinitions of embodiment, perception and affects that challenge the ontological foundations of contemporary control society.

Nimish Biliora
is an Architect and an Assistant Professor at Hyperbody, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands. After being involved with investigating the inter-relation of Media and Architecture throughout his formative educational years at CEPT, Ahmadabad, India, he furthered his interests in the inter-disciplinary realm at the Architectural Association, London, UK, where he specialized in the field of Emergent Technologies and Design. He further attained a Doctorate at the TU Delft, Netherlands, with a focus on developing real time adaptive environments. He continues experimenting with the idea of formulating intelligence aided relational networks for the generation of performative morphologies.

Dr. Biloria apart from his teaching initiatives at Hyperbody is also the Research Manager of Hyperbody and is involved with developing computationally enhanced performative & sustainable architectural and urban design solutions. He has conducted various seminars for the same and is a proponent of systemic design and bio-inspired performative design solutions. He, as a part of such research and design investigations specifically seeks a synergistic merger of the fields of computation, material systems, sensing technologies, environmental dynamics and social demographics. Dr. Biloria has lectured at prestigious institutes globally.  He has also presented and published his research and design deductions in numerous international design conferences and magazines and has been a proponent for exchanging design-informatics oriented knowledge globally.


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