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Decol invites its fans to a meditative audio-visual performance based on traditional lace patterns. Decol approaceh to the geometrical patterns of the laces as the expressions of the women creates them. Decol tries to reconstract them with the aura of the audience and the atmosphere of the space with real-time light, sound and image. The

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Live.code: Decentered & Tuned

Sound Experience by BATUR SÖNMEZ TOLGA TÜZÜN & EMRE TUNALI Guest DJ GASM Visual Experience by OSMAN KOÇ AHMET S. KAPLAN NİHAT KARATAŞLI MERT UZBAŞLI GÖKHAN GEZİCİ live.code is a live and improvised audio-visual performance. During the performance artist will write live code to create visual on  live electronic music. The audience will witness the

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Open School

20 minute talks and presentations from the professionals, academics, researchers that mostly works in İstanbul who are the active actors of the new media sceen in Turkey. Open School will take place in TAK during the week, tuesday to Friday between 16:00 and 20:00. Audiences are invited to hear the works, researches and ideas of

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Program – Interfaces for Body and Space

Salt Beyoğlu 9 November 2014 – Sunday 12:00-18:00 This is planned as a half day program where the researchers of Metabody project encounters with the public which consist of presentations, demonstration of the technologies workshop presentations and performances (based on the work executed in the preceding week).   Time Schedule 13:00    “Interfaces for Body

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