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“Citizen participation in urban renewal and transformation processes Germany” Reiner Staubach, Tülin Kabis-Staubach

In the first part the presentation will outline the challenges, milestones and standards of citizen participation in urban renewal and transformation projects in Germany. In the second part examples of citizen participation and involvement in urban areas experiencing decay will be highlighted. Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Reiner Staubach (graduated 1983 at the Faculty of Spatial

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DECOL, different forms of digital art by crossing into the mind of its own gene carrier “Unusual Digital Experience” and engraved; creative genius contagious, is a “New Media Organisms“. DECOL; individual new media artists, to achieve the original production independent from the market, has become an epidemic by creating a colony appeared, and soon to

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Decol invites its fans to a meditative audio-visual performance based on traditional lace patterns. Decol approaceh to the geometrical patterns of the laces as the expressions of the women creates them. Decol tries to reconstract them with the aura of the audience and the atmosphere of the space with real-time light, sound and image. The

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Live.code: Decentered & Tuned

Sound Experience by BATUR SÖNMEZ TOLGA TÜZÜN & EMRE TUNALI Guest DJ GASM Visual Experience by OSMAN KOÇ AHMET S. KAPLAN NİHAT KARATAŞLI MERT UZBAŞLI GÖKHAN GEZİCİ live.code is a live and improvised audio-visual performance. During the performance artist will write live code to create visual on  live electronic music. The audience will witness the

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Open School

20 minute talks and presentations from the professionals, academics, researchers that mostly works in İstanbul who are the active actors of the new media sceen in Turkey. Open School will take place in TAK during the week, tuesday to Friday between 16:00 and 20:00. Audiences are invited to hear the works, researches and ideas of

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Robert Wechsler

is a choreographer, dancer and developer of interactive methods of performing with technology. His interest in sensors and electronic devices dates back to the 1970’s when he used body-worn electronic devices attached to the dancer’s body. He is the director of Palindrome, a pioneer in interactive and computer-assisted performance. He holds a BFA in dance

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Şafak Uysal

After graduating from METU Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Uysal completed his master studies, throughout which he focused on body-space relationship, in Bilkent University’s Dept. of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. His doctorate studies in the same department centralized the relationship between architecture and image-production technologies. Besides his academic work, he’s been actively involved

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Tuğçe Tuna

mover, body reader, choreographer, interdisciplinary performance and contemporary dance artist and one of the pioneer academician based in Istanbul. Tuna produces her own work with “RemDans” since 2001. Tuna prefers different representational forms required by the enactment of her projects, such as the outdoor space use, research disciplines, and prefers to stay open to all

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